Shock as middle child receives attention

Eight cans of beer in two rows. Top row, from left to right: Can do no Wrong, Shine on Me, Too Busy to Hate, He's My Brother. Bottom row, left to right: Born for Greatness, You're not Worthy, Don't Judge Me, and Neither First nor Last.

Eldest children are reeling as news spreads of a Middle Child whose attempts to steal the limelight have actually come to something in the community of Molesey in Surrey.

Cat-lover Fraser (53), a middle child, known for his loud shirts and attention-seeking jokes and avid runner Sam (42), a youngest child, have brewed the first releases for ‘Middle Child Brewery’. Justifying the attention from every angle, we cover the story in full in our Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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Born Independent

Fraser was born a middle child. Driven to seek attention and work tirelessly to get it. Luckily, he was also born to make beer.

Sam was born a youngest child. Destined to take risks with no particular direction for his energy. Fortunately, he met Fraser.

This is Middle Child Brewing, born from a love of homebrew and high quality craft beer. Born Independent.

Fraser was destined for attention-seeking from birth. Born into the middle child role, he quickly learned he was going to have to work hard for attention. He tried playing up, bad jokes and lairy shirts. It wasn’t until his 40s that he cracked it, dived head-first into homebrew, and came up covered in awards. He had found his spotlight and the attention was even more intoxicating. In his own words “Why should it just be me drinking my beer? Everyone should be drinking my beer.”

Fraser and Sam standing in a doorway

Sam was destined to take risks, he started homebrewing because it looked interesting and didn’t think about the practicalities until the freezer was full of hop variants and there were fermentation bins in the bathroom. As a youngest child, he didn’t have the usual weights of self-doubt and fear of failure. He believed that anything was possible, including going pro with Fraser.

Liz is an eldest child, destined to keep the others on the ground and write copy about them.

“I won’t drink many better beers this year. As far as Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts go, up there with the very best I’ve had.”
— Andy Parker
(Founder of Elusive Brewing)
“Lovely body to it for a sour, perfect amount of sourness and the Mango really shone through. Didn’t last long at all!”
— George Jefferies
(Co-founder of Jeffersons Brewery)
“Shared a Catharina Sour with two regulars who only drink sours – and they were blown away.”
— Simon Pipola
(Founder of Brewcon and co-founder of Lauter bottle shop)
“The beers...are absolutely phenomenal...they were just utterly fantastic...If I didn't know this was from you guys, I'd be all like, that's an amazing beer from your Deya's or Cloudwater”
— Nick Law
(Hop Forward Podcast)
“Don't Judge Me is an East Coast Pale that could just dethrone Steady Rolling Man by Deya as the most drinkable joose in the country.”
— Dave Hayward
(A Hoppy Place - SIBA UK Independent Craft Beer Retailer Of The Year and member of The British Guild of Beer Writers.)
“This Wee just beautiful, it's just beautiful, it's exactly what I would expect from these two...Middle Child is my tip for 2022.”
— Emma Inch
(Beer Writer of the Year 2018 and Chair of the British Guild of Beer Writers)